City Series Artist Statement

I made this series of Photoshop images as a reflection on my teaching experience and subsequent quarantine. I constructed a number of city buildings out of cardboard and glue, and painted them with tempera. Initially these were intended as models for my Advanced Art class to be used as examples for the Cardboard City Project. Luckily, I had the foresight to bring a few of my buildings home with me on the last day before school closed. I told my mentor I was bringing them home just in case we were not going to be allowed to come back, and that is exactly what happened. I did a series of digital images using the cardboard buildings, and a cardboard lamppost I made with a working led light. I combined the images of the buildings with a painting I did in class of an octopus and a tidal wave, also with some sculptures I had made earlier of a virus, and a rat. I played with the scale of these images to make a few fun collages, and asked for contributions from family and friends of images to fill the windows on Tsunami City with faces. The effect is fairly magical, and has served to entertain myself, friends and family as we all sit in our respective quarantine situations.