Tracy Jacobs' Bio

I grew up in the midwest, wanting to be an artist for as long as I can remember and drawing all the time. Now I warn people that art can be addictive and expensive, although it sometimes has its moments. My family had an appreciation for the Arts, and so I grew up seeing the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago frequently. My grandmother, Jane Hall, was a professional sculptor and Graphic Designer in Chicago. She designed the heart that you walk through in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, among other exhibits. Her son, my uncle Dave Hall, is an art collector and dealer in Chicago. He has a love for and a deep understanding of Chinese Art and philosophy, which he shared with me during my childhood years. My mother's uncle, Kenneth Nack, is an Abstract Expressionist painter who taught Art in Santa Barbara, California. Each of these people inspired me to become an artist.

After high school, I spent some time in Flemish Belgium, where I studied Dutch and Art. I spent a few years in the Pacific Northwest learning to throw pots, and selling them at small street fairs, also in Miami and Minneapolis. I graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, where I was benefited by their excellent metal sculpture program and was first able to cast Bronze. I went on to an MFA program in Sculpture at Indiana University Bloomington, which I completed in 1998.

I taught art foundations in Louisville, Kentucky for two years. Teaching as an adjunct at three different local colleges, and working part-time as a moldmaker or as a metal fabricator, to make ends meet, was extremely hectic. I had wonderful talented students though, and learned a lot from them. I enjoy teaching because I am happiest when surrounded by people engaged in creative work and intellectual dialogue. My favorite class to teach is 3-D Design. I learned a lot about teaching 3-D from Georgia Strange at IU. I learned a lot about drawing and teaching drawing from Erling Sjovold when he taught at IU. Also at IU, I learned everything I know about Computer Art from Christa Erickson.

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