"With the accompanying idea of eternity, and of itself, the soul, buoyant, indestructible, sailing space forever, visiting every region as a ship the sea. And again, Lo! the pulsations in all matter, all spirit throbbing forever, the eternal beats eternal systole and diastole of life in all things- wherefrom I feel and know that death is not the ending, as was thought, but rather the real beginning-and that nothing ever is or can be lost, nor ever die, nor soul nor matter."

"America needs, and the world needs, a class of bards who will, now and ever so link and tally the rational physical being of man with the ensembles of time and space, and with this vast and multiform show, Nature, surrounding him....equally a part, and yet not a part of him as to essentially harmonize, satisfy and put at rest. Faith, very old scared away by science must be restored, brought back by the same power that caused her departure...[this] must be done positively by some great coming literatus, who, while remaining fully poet, will absorb whatever Science indicates, with spiritualism, and out of them, and out of his own genius, will compose the great poem of death. Then will man indeed confront Nature...and then that which was long wanted will be supplied, and that ship which had it not before in all her voyages, will have an anchor"

Walt Whitman